In News

Version 1.30 of BXBwebsuite has been launched last week and comes up with many new features. Some of them are:

1 – SQL Server is also an option for data repository (besides MySQL).
If the customer or partner is more familiar with Microsoft technology and prefer a homogeneous technological environment, there is now the option of having the cubes stored in SQL Server DBMS. There are also data centers which have preference (or even as the only option) of the SQL Server DBMS, which, from now on, is no longer restriction for BXBwebsuite.

2 – Reports, charts and gauges can have its cube replaced by another one with the same or similar content.
This can be useful for those who have the data (cubes) of different companies or business units within the same database and want to use the same report format for these different companies or business units. In this case, just set the report only once and then simply replace the cube that supports the report and save the report under another name (without having to re-configure the report for each company or business unit). The same goes for charts and gauges.

3 – Recursive analysis (drill down) from charts and gauges in the dashboard can now be viewed through a spreadsheet, where the user sets the desired columns.
Up to version 1.22, the BXBdashboard does drill down only in the form of charts, limiting exposure of various dimensions on a screen. The implementation of version 1.30 allows the user choosing to display the result of the drill in chart or spreadsheet form. Through this spreadsheet various dimensions and also many measures can be expanded (detailed) on the same screen.

4 – The 1st module to be accessed after logging is now configurable by the user.
With that, after login, the user can continue to start BXBwebsuite through BXBdashboard (if this module is licensed, of course), but can also leave the BXBwebsuite configured so as to position it initially in BXBreports or another module that will be used in the future.