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Specialized in ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning) and CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems, Acom Sistemas chose Solusoft to give its costumers a continuous evolution in BI (Business Intelligence) solutions. Taking this decision, Acom, that had its own BI tool before, could improve this solution independently of its own ERP or costumer demand, without the need to allocate resources for development. 

Acom’s director, Carlos Drechmer, emphasizes that “From a strategic perspective, Acom Sistemas has now a partner investing in constant innovations and platforms for Business Intelligence and so we can use time and money that would be destined to this kind of development to focus on ERP and CRM”. Leonardo Matt, Solusoft’s director, also celebrates this business partnership. For him, “Solusoft actuates as a BI department for the partner companies and Acom Sistemas is an excellent example of VAR (Value Added Reseller) that optimizes the teamwork results”. 

Actions in partnership don’t stop there. Also to spread the benefits to the market and the customers, both companies promote events, as well as the “Café bem ACOMpanhado” (Coffee in good company), held in March 2012, where dozens of professionals could attend a lecture of the Targit CEO in Brazil, Allan Pires, at Sebrae headquarters, in Curitiba. Acom also promotes training programs focused on BI, where participants receive a free license of BIA (Acom Business Intelligence) based on BXBmaster Viewer Edition, stimulating the tool use and, because of that, providing more agility in the extraction of management information that start to improve the quality of the decision-making process within Acom costumers.