“When it comes to BI, QLA’s reference and business partner is BXBsoft, which has practical and cost-effective solutions and also excellent results for all of our customers demands.”
Rodrigo Gallego, CEO at QLA IT Solutions

“By partnering with BXBsoft, isoCRM got an analytical CRM module, providing customers with more flexibility and effective results.”
Fernando Mazon, CSO at ISO Enterprise

“BXBsoft BI tools meets our goals and, with simplicity, we can add value to our customers, supplying dinamic information and providing improvement in their management results”
Juliano Matias, COO at Rhede Sistemas

“We evaluated and understood that it is much more advantageous to partner with a reliable company that has researched, developed and is committed to the evolution of the technology, than investing time and money in reinventing the wheel“.
Euclides de Silvio Gomes Junior, CTO at Hotsoft

“BXBmaster allows us to quickly raise the amount sold and what dealers are selling with better performance.”
Elisangela F. Duarte, IT manager at Candeias Tourism Club and Hotel Management

“BXBsoft BI tools facilitated us the access and the management of information, streamlining the decision-making process in the company”
Ceny Blosfeld, CEO at Helsten (a Knives manufacturer)

“The reports are prepared in minutes by users who do not have development skills, but only the knowledge of business rules. BXBreports represents yet another gain: drill down to investigate and analyze financial data in a very flexible way.”
Barbara Ritzman, Coordinator at CINQ Technologies

“BXBdashboard alllows us to analyze our entire product line, as well as monitor our sales team quickly and easily. This gives us greater flexibility and safety in decision making.”
Tiago Pianaro, Sales Administration coordinator at Famiglia Zanlorenzi

The ERP systems offers usually many reports with static infos and almost no flexibility for cross-checking. “With BXBmaster the access to the data is fast, the crossing of several indicators is easy and the customer don’t need to ask us all the time to develop ad hoc reports and queries.”
Mauricio de Carvalho, CEO at Centrium Informática

“An efficient and professional partnership with BXBsoft is being consolidated since the beginning of our business relationship.”
Ezequiel Marin, owner of GVM

“The benefits brought by BXBsoft BI software have given us meaningful agility to analyze our financial situation in real time, and evaluate our historical data in a brief and reliable way.”
Edson Althoff – CFO of CINQ Technologies

“BXBmaster has turned the stuff of dreams into reality for those executives who have always hoped for more from the IT sector. BXBMASTER could also be called a 3-in-1 solution: it serves the needs of executive clients, adds value to IT systems, and frees up IT sectors for other tasks.”
Aparecido do Carmo Martins – Partner of QLA

“For Daysoft, BXBmaster was a decisive difference in our software presentations to our customers when we had to show results. They praised the versatility of BXBmaster very much.”
Clevan Ricardo da Costa – Director, Daysoft Technology

“Softcenter needed a tool that could better serve the senior managers of its customers and that is the reason we sealed partnership with BXBsoft. Today there are already many success stories with its BI tools and we realize that in addition to enhancing our product, it generated more quality to the information for our customers.”
Carlos Henrique Kasuya – CEO of Softcenter