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In its role as the Partner Country at CeBIT 2012 Brasil will underline its credentials as a leading ICT nation with strong growth potential and innovative capabilities.

The nation with South America’s strongest economy will be the CeBIT partner country for 2012. In their various pavilions, Brazilian companies and state institutions will highlight all aspects of their attractive economy. 

– At the central pavilion in Hall 6 the emphasis is on key industries such as petroleum and agriculture. Financial institutions and organizations such as the Brazilian export agency ApexBrasil will also shed light on opportunities for investment. 

– Electronic solutions for government are on exhibit in Hall 8. 

– Education, research and development, along with Brazil’s startups, are presented in Hall 9. 

– End-users get their money’s worth in Hall 19, where gaming and digital TV are among the themes featured. 

– In Hall 11 the focus is on telecommunications. 

– In Hall 12 the emphasis is on banks and security issues such eBilling and digital certificates. 

Brazil’s IT sector stands out as much for its flexibility as its firepower. This high-tech country is mainly impressive for its innovative power, service orientation and its enormous potential market: the Eito market research institute predicts 6% growth to €92 billion in its ICT market in 2012. Brazil is considered one of the world’s fastest-growing economies overall. 

Brazil is not just an economic engine. It is a market with a future as well. The seventh largest economy in the world boasts a high gross domestic product; rising income and state investments promote an interest in high-quality ICT solutions. Infrastructure programs such as the expansion of broadband into the countryside are strengthening demand and driving the formation of high-tech companies. 

Brazil is already one of the leading players in IT business-process outsourcing. Experts expect more growth in this segment. Besides the government commitment, it benefits from a growing number of qualified specialists.