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A very positive result. This is what BXBsoft answered in the evaluation of our five-day participation at CeBIT-2014, in Hannover, Germany, from last March 10 to 14.

Besides the software demonstrations and participation in presentations and speeches, we enhanced our networking with software and consulting companies interested in developing partnerships. The experience exchange with entities and other companies was very worthy.

The main focus of BXBsoft participation, through its CEO Leonardo R. M. Matt, was to provide support to BXB IT Solutions GmbH, a distributor with headquarters in Germany and responsible for the commercialization and technical support to BXBsoft products in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  BXB IT Solutions’ stand had, besides the presence of its main executive, Klaus Kempf, the presences of the person in charge of technical support, head of marketing and, also, the presence of the person in charge of Switzerland’s competence center.

To listen to the expectations of other manufacturers and distributors of BI, CRM, and ERP software, aiming to help direct the road map of BXBsoft products, was a valuable experience. And equally important were the participations in events and the conversations with class associations and market research and technological trend entities that have contributed with adjustments to the commercial strategy and in product adequacy aligned to the market trends as well.