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To support the decision-making process of an organization with the existing information in the organization itself…Is it possible? Yes, it’s certainly possible and, besides, it’s the safest and most economic resource available to organizations.

This statement is justifiable because current management software accumulate valuable historical database within organizations and they may become rich sources of information to support the decision-making processes.  However, the data must be organized, summarized, filtered and prepared in such a way that they can allow managers to come to conclusions intuitively and intelligently. 

The task to organize and present data in an intelligent format is attributed to Business Intelligence software, traditionally aimed to large corporations due to the price and implementation costs of the BI software consolidated in the market.

But, and what about the small companies?  Without access to BI software, don’t they tend to lose competiveness? Yes, this would be the trend because the demands are the same and small companies operate in the same competitive world of the large ones.  And the small ones also store their historical data and cannot wait any longer to customize reports to get the right information, within the constant change dynamics they are surrounded by, nor depend on the vulnerable (and hard to prepare) electronic spreadsheets. 

For these small and medium-sized companies, there’s good news: Solusoft, a software developing company with headquarters in Curitiba, South of Brazil, visualizing this scenario,  has created a BI software totally aimed to satisfy the typical demands of the SMBs.  Offering simplicity of use and low proprietary cost, Solusoft launched BXBmaster, a software tool that has come to “democratize” BI, also accessible to small-sized companies.  This tool suits any field of activity, as well as any company sector where historical data are stored in magnetic means that can be useful in any decision-making process.  It allows managing measures, performance indicators, showing charts, ABC curve and a lot more.