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Ferreira & Chagas Advogados is a Brazilian reference in corporate law, with an experience of over 20 years, providing services to companies of all sizes and economic segments, mainly, large bank corporations. The firm makes use of cutting edge management concepts applied to law and it uses several technological tools to achieve efficiency. 

The main management information is dealt with by Business Intelligence tools that collect data from the firm’s management processes and assure, in a fast and efficient way, the creation of many reports to assess efficiency, profitability, auditing, and many other statistical controls. The firm’s high process volume, analyzed in a dynamic way, has brought a new business vision to Ferreira & Chagas. 

Marcelo Marques, Information Technology director, explains that BXBmaster and BXBreports, developed by BXBsoft, are extremely flexible when considering database connection and provide high productivity gains when creating reports and analysis of a big volume of information.  It’s possible to follow up all activities related to customers, attorneys, and branch offices through reports that can be scheduled. “Most reports are automatically updated during the early morning and made available to managers and directors via email.  Then, when arriving in the morning, we all have an overview of the operation and start the day taking the required steps,” informs Marcelo.

Another point that Marcelo highlights is the financial management through BXB solutions. “Following the Visible Management concept, we’ve developed several reports that show the company’s financial evolution.  The reports are automatically distributed and, this way, everyone is always focused on the search for results.  Even though it’s powerful, BXB software’s operation is extremely simple, allowing us to create real time cubes and reports for a specific meeting, for example, or even to provide particular information for a customer.  We are very satisfied with the results offered by BXB solutions”. 

Leonardo R. M. Matt, BXBsoft managing-director emphasizes that “use simplicity is part of the conception of BXB tools and it implies directly on its low maintenance cost.  At the same time, its flexibility allows it to be used in several departments of an organization and in different market segments as well.”