See the origin of Business Intelligence in the history of BXBsoft

Always focused on information technology, BXBsoft began its operations in 1989 under the name “Solusoft”, with implementation of ERP projects and consulting services in customized systems development. In 1999, it migrated its vocation to software maker, developing SFA (sales force automation) applications. At the same time, the company also started working on BI (Business Intelligence) projects with third-party software tools. In 2007, BXBsoft decided to change its future and started to focus its activities on the development of BI software tools, and created BXBmaster, to meet the needs of an audience that needed a simple and inexpensive BI instrument.

Market demands led BXBsoft to continue in the creation of new products, like BXBanalytics, BXBdashboard, BXBmonitor and BXBreports.


Be recognized as the provider of the market´s easiest to use business intelligence software.


To provide technological services and resources that support customers to maximize their results.