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BXBsoft announces news at BXBwebsuite that represents the Business Intelligence set of tools of BXBsoft available to be accessed by web navigator: from now on, a resource to upload data from a text file, without an ODBC connection, is also available.

It’s a new module inserted in the software menu to be executed step-by-step by the user, allowing him/her to create and update data in a cube from a text file upload, with data being delimited by tabulation, comma, semicolon, or any other character.

From there on, these data are treated as any other cube created within BXBwebsuite and it may be used both at BXBreports for report configuration and at BXBdashboard for gauges and graphs configuration to be used in dashboards.

How to try it: If you have a license to use BXBreports or BXBdashboard, all you have to do it request the update via Help Desk system and you’ll find, in the module menu, the “Text file upload” option. However, if you don’t have the software installed, you can know and try the new functionality by creating a login for temporary access at BXBdashboard website.