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ISO Enterprise is a software house specialized in the development and implementation of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.  Its main product is isoCRM, which meets the needs of industries and is compatible with any economic activity. isoCRM is a modular system used for the company to identify needs, collect suggestions, improvements, purchase and sale characteristics besides offering to the marketing and sales areas a knowledge base about customers and partners.

Aiming to make reports flexible and stimulate enquiries, including an analysis of performance indicators (KPIs), ISO Enterprise has decided to include a Business Intelligence (BI) instrument in the system and then generate a new version of the isoAnalytics module.  In order not to subject this project to a long period and high development cost, ISO Enterprise has decided to implement it by using BI tools available in the market, choosing BXBsoft as a partner for this purpose.

BXBsoft is specialized in developing Business Intelligence software for small and medium sized companies. It’s been in the market of information technology for over 20 years and its product line comprises BXBmaster, BXBreports, BXBdashboard and BXBquery. They are very efficient, user friendly, and low cost tools.

Together, the expertise of ISO Enterprise and BXBsoft generate a rather effective solution for customer relationship management.  With the new isoAnalytics, managers who use the tool will be able to analyze which customers are promising, tend to give deficit, or can be more profitable. It’s easier, for example, to understand the reasons for the existence of each one of these groups.

Roger Araujo, Director of Enterprise, explains that “isoCRM is a tool that was being used by medium sized and large customers and that now the focus is to reach small companies, too”. Leonardo Matt, of BXBsoft, emphasizes the fact that “BI software meets the demands of any market segment, is a simpler tool, requires a shorter implementation time, and makes its use easier”.  Both companies are part of the Local Software Cluster of Curitiba and they are also members of Assespro, Brazilian Association of ITC Companies. Participating of this associative environment has also favored the accomplishment of this partnership.