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Consolidated in the Brazilian Business Intelligence software market for small and medium-sized companies (SMBs), BXBsoft participated of CEBIT – the largest IT world fair – held in Germany, for the first time in March 2012, with its own booth.  In that occasion, BXBsoft started a relationship with a group of European IT market consultants that evaluated the commercialization viability of the BXBmaster tool, available in English, German and Portuguese, also in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

After a year of studies to analyze the positioning of its product in this market, at the end of 2013, BXBsoft signed an agreement with BXB IT Solutions GmbH, a German company with a competence center in Switzerland,  that will respond for the commercialization of BXBsoft products in the above mentioned countries.

With headquarters in Blankenbach and a branch in Hannover, BXB IT Solutions will take part in this year’s CEBIT (March 10-14) at booth 17, pavilion 6, in order to promote the launches of its brand and BXBsoft software in its market.

Besides the consolidated analytical tool BXBmaster (, at this year’s CEBIT, BXBreports ( and BXBdashboard ( will be also introduced with the fair promotional campaigns.  It’s a set of low TCO (total cost of ownership) tools whose main differential is the use simplicity.  It has been an excellent alternative for management software integrators and creators that need to find solutions to support decision making processes of SMBs managers.