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Aiming to improve accessibility and user experience, BXBsoft has just released a new version of the company’s corporate website.

Having as its main change the adoption of responsive screens, this new version comes to adhere to current technology and market trends as well as to improve the display quality on mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).Free_Trial
In addition to enabling access to version 2.00 of BXBreports, released during the same period, the site also makes it easier to access the free version of BXBwebsuite from a button positioned on the main page of the website.

The portal, available through restricted access to customers and partners has on its menu the HelpDesk system (for customers and partners interaction with BXBsoft’s technical team) offers downloadable installation packages, displays the list of version notes (implementations made in the latest versions of the software) and the implementations provided in the road map of the product, in addition to providing a series of technical tips that complement the manuals available via the software screen.

The next step planned by BXBsoft is to publish through the website some of the technical documents currently available only behind the restricted area and also make it more intuitive the data loading process with the free version of BXBwebsuite.Restrict_Area

The free version of the software does not require any installation on the client machine. A person interested in using this version, either for academic or personal reasons, or even for experiments in business demands, can perform everything in the cloud and has the ability to load data available in text files (as many as they want, with the size of each file limited to 20,000 lines).

And it is worth mentioning that both the BXBsoft’s corporate website and BXBwebsuite modules (BXBanalytics, BXBdashboard, BXBmonitor and BXBreports) are always available in English and Portuguese.