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Centrium is an ISV (independent software vendor) located in Santa Catarina, south Brazil, with eighteen years of experience and over three hundred customers in several Brazilian States. Develops Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) for small and medium companies. The partnership with Solusoft, aggregates BXBmaster to its product to offer a management system that was possible previously only for users in large companys. 

Mauricio de Carvalho, Centrium director, explains that the most important  BXBmaster benefit is the potential that the client begins to have on their hand on demand a cross-reference information to take a decision. Maurice also points out that “the ERPs have reports with static data, but little flexibility to cross the informations.” With BXBmaster, “the access to this data is faster, the crossing of several indicators is easy and there is no need for Centrium to be called by the client all the time to develop time to develop new queries or to modify reports.” 

BXBmaster is a low cost Business Intelligence (BI) tool developed by Solusoft for data crossing, indicators analysis and quick management information. For more information, visit .