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CINQ Technologies, a company located in Curitiba, Brazil, currently employing 260 professionals and simultaneously developing national and international projects, has been among the Brazilian IT companies with the highest growth rates in the last three years. It holds the 16th position in the Brazilian rank and the 1st position in Paraná’s rank according to “Exame Delloite PME” 2009 edition.  Within this scenario, even though its management was supported by one Brazil’s most famous ERP software (RM by Totvs Group), the company was interested in improving the analysis of its costs and examining the results per project and per business unit.
In order to add an effective software instrument to speed up its projects’ management indicators and better visualize its financial performance, CINQ has decided to be supported by a Business Intelligence tool.  In this tool line, the market offers several renowned options, both national and international, but most of them imply a meaningful licensing and implementation cost.
CINQ, however, didn’t have to give up the advantages offered by a BI tool, nor bear the high ownership cost of most BI projects. The company tried, liked and hired BXBMASTER, a software tool developed and supported by Solusoft, a company associated to Assespro-PR, a National IT companies association and also a participant of Curitiba OffShore Center initiatives, along with CINQ.

As to the results arising from the adoption of BXBMASTER, Edson Althoff, CINQ’s managing director, states that “the benefits the solution brought have given us meaningful agility to analyze our financial situation in real time, and evaluate our history in a brief and dependable way.  In general, the software has given agility and accuracy to CINQ’s very important financial processes. Therefore, we are very satisfied with this implementation.