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Tele-Alarme is an electronic monitoring company with a strong market share in several cities of the State of Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil. When it started using BXBmaster, Solusoft Informática business intelligence software,Tele-Alarme also started to better monitor its own operation, having obtained meaningful team performance results and cost reduction.  

With 8500 accounts monitored in a single control station, Tele-Alarme has already obtained a 20% reduction of the “false alarm warnings” (unnecessary inspections) by analyzing indicators with BXBmaster to seek the causes and work on the solutions. And with a smaller number of inspections to the monitored points, the company can also reduce costs with fuel and fleet maintenance.  And besides, with this inspection reduction, the company also increases its team availability to inspect customers’ facilities that really require an inspection.  Before BXBmaster, the indicators were analyzed by spreadsheets that made the analysis difficult as well as the information crossing about customers, neighborhoods, days of the week, schedules, routes that generated higher demand or larger number of problems.

Gustavo Hiendlmayer, financial & administrative manager of Tele-Alarme says that “the company’s operation improved with BXBmaster because the tool was made available not only to the company’s strategic level, but also to the entire operational area. Tele-Alarme has chosen this tool for its low cost and simple way to work”.  And the recommendation of Prosyst, a software house which is Solusoft Informática’s partner, has also influenced the decision for the software.