Partnership model for VARs (Value Added Resellers) and software integrators

At business software developers and integrators we observed common challenges, such as:

  • Continuous request for customized reports, whose development, maintenance and control is costly and the customer does not want to bear that cost;
  • Numbers do not match because users compile data in parallel instruments, like spreadsheets;
  • The customer needs a feature for dynamic processing of management information;
  • Insufficient resources to develop a Business Intelligence module. 


If you are experiencing any similar situations let us know. Maybe we can help you just as we helped many partners.


Se what one of our partner told about it: 

“Softcenter needed a tool that could better serve the senior managers of its customers and that is the reason we sealed partnership with Solusoft. Today there are already many success stories with BXBmaster and we realize that in addition to enhancing our product, it generated more quality to the information for our customers.”

Carlos Henrique Kasuya – CEO of Softcenter