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After launching BXBdashboard for web, Solusoft is now working on the adjustment of the tool to be used in handheld devices. This new version will be released during the first semester of this year.

At the same time, Solusoft is enhancing the BXBsuite (currently comprising BXBdashboard and BXBreports) with BXBmonitoring, a nonstandard transaction monitoring resource, which will send the respective pro-active warning messages by emails to the person(s) in charge of the subject.  This will allow BXBmonitoring – from the data updated in the cubes and confronted with the user’s parameterized limits, to carry out the electronic follow up, thus releasing the manager from the routine management task of continuously auditing important transactions under his/her responsibility. BXBmonitoring can monitor eventual anomalies at the receipt and delivery of goods, vehicles, people etc. and also of financial transactions and other notices that can be checked continuously or from time to time.

For a manager, this represents an increase in comfort and productivity considering that once BXBmonitoring is playing the role of the “auditor”, the manager will need to act only when notified.